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Effectively, this means that 1 Token is currently valued between 1 to 1.1 Satoshi. Withdrawals are painless and the site requires no verification for this process. More accurately, when you are investing, you earn based on your share of the total site bankroll. Basically, you earn about 70% of profits the site makes, calculated from commissions and the individual game’s house edge. Individual investors can also stand to gain much more of the bankroll through margin adjustments, earning up to 5 times of your actual investment.

is a program to automate betting strategies, like martingale, for crypto currency dice sites, or in other words, a betting bot. DiceBot supports a multitude of sites and currencies, including pocketrocketscasino , prime dice , Just-Dice and many more. Updates are regularly released to fix bugs, improve the bot and add new and innovative features to the bot.

For an overview of what provably fair gaming is, see our blog. If your inquiry is more complex, you need assistance recovering an account, or for any other issues which require admin attention, please submit a ticket. If you cannot submit a ticket, you may also reach us at However, tickets will allow for a faster response.

So, it is safe to say that you can expect that will be more developments to come. However, you cannot deny the features of the casino are confusing and not friendly to users. For those who are still thinking , still over 2.5 million tokens in the Bonus Rain . Being on Bitvest at the right time can give you a lot , seriously .

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If you save up 25K tokens you may convert them to BTC or altcoins on your account tab. You may invest or divest your funds instantly at any time, provided you have not decided to lock your investments. On most games, you may invest with a margin of up to 5x, on Dice the limit is 10x. About Bitvest At Bitvest, you can choose to be a player or an investor. As an investor, in exchange for paying out all winnings, you collect all the profits, minus a commission explained in detail below.

Just on the main page you will see the different games and rewards offered. This could disappoint you, especially when you are looking for a casino with a huge game library. While you might also notice the unique rewards up for grabs, the number of rewards is not that big as well.

With the different colors representing the different tiers of wager levels, you need to look closely to where you are placing your bets. Red will have the highest payout, while blue will have the least. But, you will usually hit more often when betting in the blue. Furthermore, you are able to set your own odd amounts in the purple column. The Mods and owners all do a great job of keeping people involved and wanting more.

No links to gambling or faucet sites, no referral links of any kind. Please sign in or create an account to manage your investments. Divestment Lock Prevent yourself from divesting early by locking your investments until the time has expired.

All game results can be checked by anyone, anytime and verified. Having said this, Bitvest casino does not offer 24/7 support, and has no live chat option, only a social one. Our inspiration came from seeing what was missing in the Investor-Gaming industry.

  • The bitcoin plinko games currently running are few but there is one amazing option and another decent pachinko styled game, that are worth checking out.
  • Tokens can be exchanged into Bitcoin in denominations of 200,000 Tokens for 0.002 BTC or 1 million Tokens for 0.011 BTC.
  • It has a basic gaming library but makes up for this by providing unique provable fair games with an ultra-low house edge.
  • So if you want to have a variety of games to choose from, then it is better to check out other Bitcoin casinos.
  • Wagering with bitcoins also comes with its own disadvantages.
  • You can also tweak the amount you will be betting this is a deciding factor of your odds of winning.

Any investor is earns based on the site’s bankroll. This means that each investor is entitled to about 70 percent of the total profits made by the betting site. An investor can also choose to adjust margins which will mean higher exposure to risk and earning potential by up to five times.

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If you are a bitcoin casino enthusiast and you want to get money on playing in casino risk free send me a message @btcjack1 you will get 1 . 25 freespins games will be given on boomanji or fruit zen 2. afterwards minimum deposit 0.001 max 0.01 play on any game in casino if you win cashout your winnings if you lose we will send you back to your ewallet your losses . functions just like any online casino, but its unique online dice game sets the bar for new players. You will see a chart ranging from numbers 1-99.9 and then you are obliged set the bar. This is where you will be betting above or below the result of the game, which will determine the odds of you winning.

We would have likely grown faster making Dice our 2nd game instead of our 5th. Our goals are to have the biggest community in the industry and to be a great place to hang out. We would also like to grow so that more players may enjoy their gaming with us, and more investors may earn their profits. In this industry, it’s challenging to get started. You need to provide something special to stand out from the others. If you don’t, you may get stuck with nobody investing due to a lack of players, and nobody playing due to a lack of investments.

This forum is merely a place for general discussions. It is hereby agreed by all members and/or readers that is in no way responsible and/or liable for any damages and/or losses suffered by anyone of you. Another great way to earn free tokens at BitVest is by referring your friends to the platform by using a unique link address that can be found once you complete the signup. This program works by providing a share of the profits of up to 10% of all referrals you provide. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

You may also invest on margin to have a proportionally higher risk and reward on your investment. Investing You may view our full terms and detailed info here, below is a summary of our investor program. You will receive the prize specified in the row multiplied by your bet based on how many of each item you hit in the row consecutively from left to right. All prize hits must start from the leftmost position in the pay line.

crypto-games,net is a known resource hog and our browser crashed trying to play that game so save yourself some time. The site being down constantly doesn’t help either. Select the color you are playing and the bitcoin will land on the multiplier for your winnings and loses. The Japanese parlor game Pachinko and the bastardized American version, Plinko, is a truly amazing gambling game that westerners need more of in their lives.

The Bitvest investment bankroll program is what sets this platform apart from other similar platforms. It offers an amazing chance to earn hands-off crypto by investing bitcoin into the community bankroll. The more you invest the higher returns so make sure to visit the website for further information along with terms and conditions. At BitVest if your account credits show less than 50 tokens you will then be able to claim your free tokens via the faucet by completing a CAPTCHA form.

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The whole website including games is in HTML5 that makes it fast. Bitvest is a bitcoin / ethereum / litecoin gambling website that offers roulette and a number of other casino games in a simple format. The beauty behind this system is it all runs on a hashing algorithm like bitcoin, meaning the win / losses are truly randomly generated and not rigged for each user.

Provably fair games are the highlight of Bitvest. With the casino’s provably fair tool, you can easily check that each game you play is not rigged. Even better, the gaming hub supports cryptos for safe and instant transactions. If you are a fan of the old-school, simple gaming style of the Atari era, Bitvest is where you want to go. Its design is simple and minimalistic but can be a bit confusing when you first start playing. But after a few rounds on each game, you will be getting the hang of it.

Yes, one of the best things about the Bitvest platform is that it provides all players with a chance to beat it. It encourages it by offering free bitcoins to players via faucet and chat so they can gamble without making a deposit, therefore, they can not lose. One of the ways to get free tokens from BitVest during May 2021 is by taking part in the community and games. There is a special rewards system that gives players free token bonuses when they have wagered at a minimum of 0.01 BTC and take part in the chat. When they do this there are random prizes that will be handed out in the form of Rain.

It is estimated worth of $ 265,680.00 and have a daily income of around $ 369.00. As no active threats were reported recently, is SAFE to browse. The most widespread type of game on such kind of platforms, so probably you know the rules. The Trust Mamma website tries to identify scams, fake online stores and other online versions of fraud using a computer algorithms.

The system runs on something similar to bitcoin hashes, every win or loss is automatically calculated by a transparent and fair system that is random. BitVest has 4 games from Proprietary including Slots, Dice, Roulette, Other. After looking at the blog, I could see that it has not been updated in quite some time. But I have seen Promo throw some new codes into the chat from time to time.

The numbers on your prize row indicate how much your bet will be multiplied by if it’s hit. Snap City is a new real world blockchain game where users can earn crypto currency by completing different challenges. The bitvest system is fully transparent and allows users to see all data on the site, available in real time. Often gambling sites are rigged and will pay out to start with, but try to steal your money later on by making you lose over and over again. is a gambling and investment platform that i have tested over the last couple of years. iGaming Crypto platform with the first BTC Staking pool in industry.

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Support & Contact If you have a question about our games, or how Bitvest works, feel free to ask in chat. Except for token bets, all winnings and losses are funded by, or paid to investors proportional to the size of their margin-adjusted investment. Once you select a number, the dice will roll between 0.0000 and 99.9999, if the dice rolls your number, or higher/lower than your number matching the side you have chosen. To play, simply enter your bet, pick a win multiplier, win chance, or a target number, then choose if you want to roll high or low. You may invest or divest your funds instantly at any time, and you may invest with a margin of up to 500% or 25.00% max risk. To play Bitvest, simply enter your bet, choose how many bits to drop, and select a prize row.


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