How To Make Curves With Plastic Edging

Before learning how to use a lawn edger you are going to need to choose one. This is a situation where your landscape savvy neighbors or the salesperson at a local home improvement store will come in handy. In order to keep these areas looking clean and well maintained you are going to need best lawn edger for curves to invest in a good quality lawn edger and learn how to use it the right way. If you have some extra cash you could hire a landscaper to do this work for you. Since the Greenworks Lawn Edger requires an electrical outlet to work, its range is limited by the length of your extension cord.

  • You can easily store it in the garage or tool shade with ease.
  • You can even make circles with it which is ideal if you have plants, ornaments or other features in the middle of your lawn.
  • Plus, the natural look is ideal for rustic homes and old logs are typically easy to find anywhere there is a wooded area.
  • Homeowners should avoid using electrical appliances when grass is wet or in areas with standing water.
  • They are a valuable tool for anyone who does lawn and garden work, whether they are performing professional work or taking care of their own lawn and garden.
  • You can adjust the shaft length so it is comfortable to use for your height, and the secondary handle pivots so it’s easy to place it in a comfortable position.

The fact you can adjust the head of the edger means you can trim and edge on all kinds of terrains and get to hard-to-reach areas. The package also includes two batteries, so you can use one while the other one is charging. That means you can finish the trimming process in one take or take breaks whenever you want. One of the things we don’t like about this lawn edger is the lifespan of the included battery. The one that comes with the tool lasts for a short period, so you might want to get a new one right away.

The Importance Of Landscape Edging

From home tools to yard care to other utility products, the Emsco Group has dipped their toes in a little bit of everything. And though the EverEdge might be out edging product of choice for large estates which support eccentric edges, it’s quite expensive and may be out of reach for a lot of homeowners. It also comes in a single length variant, which is again another con in our books; hence versatility might not be one of the strong points of this product. You can customize the edging tool to meet your needs, and as it comes with pre-installed molded spikes, installing them is very easy.

If you’re using a manual edger, use your leg strength to push the blade down into the soil. Push down with your foot to cut through the soil, and rock the blade gently to cut through the turf. It’s also helpful to pry the cut area open slightly by twisting the blade a little to the right and left. The tool handles most trimming jobs with ease and its 180-degree rotating handle makes it easy for edging along sidewalks, driveways and other pavements. For a reliable and simple grass trimmer that is safe to use and also safe for the environment.

Angled Edger

You can give the motor full power for deep cuts or cutting through clay soil, or back off the trigger for light cuts, such as refreshing the edge after weekly mowing. Despite its big motor and battery, the edger is still lightweight, at a minimum several pounds lighter than equivalent gas-engine products. Stick-type edgers are light and easy to store but take some time to learn how to steer so that you get the desired straight, clean notch. Walk-behind edgers provide the straightest and cleanest cut, but they are the most expensive and will take up the most space in your garage or storage shed. Give your yard a manicured look with one of these dedicated lawn edgers or edging accessories.

The time saved from having to constantly weed flower beds and trim weeds around edges makes all the time spent installing garden bed edging well worth the effort. Plastic edging lies below soil grade, providing a barrier to prevent grass roots from spreading into unwanted areas. Plastic edging pliability is limited, however, so it works best for edging gradual curves. He planted the flowers covered the beds with ground cover and mulch. When I came home the mulch was not the color I had chosen, but because he took so long to show up in drought season. The ground cover started to appear throught the mulch in many places.

If you’re looking for a professional output, it is a kit which you should opt for. These manual tools are durable and rarely need replacement. With a motorized edger, you may find it’s prone to a damaged engine or attachments that need regular maintenance. Manual edgers are typically less expensive than motorized lawn edgers. Whenever you edge your lawn, you should always start off by mowing. That way, you’ll know how short or tall to trim your grass along the edges of your lawn.

If you have decided to purchase and use a manual edger, the first step you are going to want to take is to inspect the areas where you are planning to use the tool. If there is any ground cover over the cement, use a spade to loosen it. This will make finding the edge of the cement much easier during the edging process. If you are concerned about the environment and the noise that the edger will make, a gas powered edger may not be the best choice.

A drawback mentioned by some consumers is the gas tank’s design. The gas tank’s filler tube is poorly angled compared to the edger’s design. Gas might overflow the tank if you don’t angle the liquid in the proper direction. One consumer suggests that you should place the edger on a higher surface, such as a table, in order to be closer to the tank.

The only thing that kept this from the top label was the lack of a balanced footplate. You can place your foot on either side of the handle, but then you’ll need to use arm strength to push down on the other side, or shift your foot to the other side to finish the cut. Where the Greenworks loses to the WORX is in its handle construction. The WORX model has a double-grip system which is comfortable and easy to use. Greenworks opted for a single-handled model, and while they do offer a pivoting grip so you can set it for your comfort, it’s just not quite as easy to maneuver.

Power Source

If the engine is neglected, it may not have the longevity that’s advertised with the product. McLane 801 5.50GT can cut at ANY ANGLE -Check McLane edgers and trimmers cut vertically or horizontally. Their edgers are composed of heavy-duty steel frames with dual cutterhead bearings; this makes for a very smooth cutting experience. McLane Gas Powered Lawn Edger has replaceable rubberized tires and a chip-resistant paint coating. McLane has many distributors and dealers nationwide, so you should be able to get localized assistance in the unlikely event that you’ll need it. This 30cc, 4-cycle no mix gas and oil engine is supported by a sturdy steel frame, so you will not have a need to use a trimmer or labor under any extra weight.

Edging your green space can make the difference between a good lawn, and a great one. And don’t forget a suitable pair of gardening gloves to prevent blistering. I would suggest trying out each stage for yourself and see what works for you. It’s an interesting and much-debated topic – let me know your garden maintenance regimen in the comments. Some gardeners swap around each stage, some might repeat a stage on more than one occasion.

It isn’t hard to assemble, so is ideal for anyone, not just those who love to tinker with electrical equipment. Manual edgers can be useful in a smaller garden but can be hard work. Overall, edging is a great thing to do and really puts the finishing touch on any garden worth sitting in and enjoying.

This steel-handled manual lawn edger has an added bonus in its serrated blade edge. The teeth help you to cut through tougher sod and sink down into the soil. With a bit of muscle, you can even take on St. Augustine or Bermuda grass. The patented edge guide makes sure that you can get a straight edge without any issue. Usually, when you buy any tool like a bulb planter, you will have to search for things like how to use a long-handled bulb planter.


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