Werken bij ultius

Werken bij ultius

Moreover, they do not offer significant promotions to their writers – you basically make money for them until you leave. 6 jobs at Ultius, including salaries, reviews and other job information posted anonymously by Ultius employees. We understand that you are no longer writing to us at this time. Based on the information you have shared, you appear to have been satisfied with your income when you wrote to us. But you fought our policies, including our policy of zero tolerance for plagiarism..

NO SUPPORT OF THE WRITER, no matter what they say. At the end of the day, you will earn $ 2 per hour. You can also work at your gas station – Anywhere on Ultius. Extremely it is extremely difficult to reach the minimum 20 orders that young writers must carry in order to apply for access to graduation orders, regular and hurried. New contributors should be allowed access to at least half of the independent queue. There are many more than two messages available, but they simply do not allow young writers to access everything from the beginning. Novice screenwriters Ultius will try to carry out at least one order at the beginning if they can not find even one topic they have studied professionally or even a little in college.

Glassdoor gives you an idea of ​​what it’s like to work at Ultius, including salaries, ratings, office photos and more. All materials are posted anonymously by Ultius employees. Ultius’s mission is to deliver high quality content smoothly while providing exceptional customer support..

We fulfill our mission of connecting clients with qualified American freelance writers on our trading platform. Ultius provides flexible working hours. Many of the administrators and their staff are fun to work with and they seem to really care about the contributions of their authors. This company has no reviews that match your request. Thanks so much for your comments! We are committed to creating a supportive atmosphere and are happy to hear that you like it. We have worked hard to create an attractive and productive office environment..

Even if you are desperate for money, this site is not worth it. Every talented writer should boycott Ultius. I called for support and http://onceg.com.ar/handwritten-letter-pdf-2/ they said I would encounter problems when calling because I am a writer and the line was for clients only. This disgusting, dirty behavior.

I hope you can share your experience with us and find a company that best suits your needs. Everyone deserves to be appreciated in the work they enjoy.

This company is corrupt from head to toe. They are marketed as a company that helps businesses write, but in reality they write articles only for lazy, wealthy students. I spent hours writing an article just for Ultius to cancel and give ZERO compensation.

Good luck with that based on one or two available orders. In general, there is no variety of topics in the commissions for young writers. You will need a lot of patience to get started, and not all writers are patient because they just want to start writing. The justification for the “low season” is a bit futile because even in the low season there are usually more than two orders a day. As a freelance professional for this site, you really can not go anywhere. Ultius does not care about their writers and they do not give them enough money depending on how much work it takes to complete many of their contracts…

Sorry it did not fit in the end, but hopefully you will continue to write in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in this review. Thank you for your sincerity and I am very sorry that we were not able to discuss these discrepancies while you were here. We would love the opportunity to make your time with us more enjoyable.

It looks like you contacted another department and did not contact Writer Success to get the support you deserve. If you are still on the team, please contact us so we can help you. We take the right treatment of authors seriously and make sure you get compensation for the sites provided. Based on your review, you may have misunderstood the correct use of our platform. Please contact Writer Success in order to resolve your concerns. Glassdoor has millions of jobs, plus payroll information, company reviews and in-house interview questions, making it easier to find the job that is right for you..

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